Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance


If you are looking to install new features to your property design that are non-permanent, but are rather always moving and fluid, we have you covered. Our crew specializes in providing color, fragrance, and serenity to your property by designing new structures that best suit the layout of your house and property. 

Bed Maintenance Services:

  • Fall Pruning and cutting back your plants and shrubs for more fruitful growth in the upcoming season. 
  • Trimming of shrubs and hedges include cutting off the tips of the branches to clean up the overall appearance of the plant and helps with regrowth
  • Re-edging and defining of all landscape beds in order to get a sharp edging for your landscape beds 
  • Mulch Installation
  • Monthly Bed Maintenance


Whether you are removing or installing new plants or shrubs, we are here to help you decide what would work and look best around your landscaping. We will determine which zone you live in and provide life-span plant growth to help you decide on what plant life is best around your property.